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For men or women, anal sex is a different sensation. It is kind of naughty and it offers some variety to normal sex. QAnal sex has a tang of taboo attached to it and this adds more attraction. Anyway, A-level sex is just one of that things: you either hate it or love it. It is actually very little in between.
Most women and men tried at some point in their life, and many of them never tried it again. When your high-class Amsterdam escort tells you she does not enjoy anal sex, then that’s just the way it is. There is no point in asking over and over again, or just give it a try anyway while you’re at it. If your beautiful escort is open to A-level, the girl would have told you so.
So if you are willing to enjoy this service please ask us before you ask for your escort. 

The desire to please ass sex lovers had led us to create this A-Level escort service in Amsterdam, a team of hot and sexy girls who are not afraid to take it up the ass and do bareback anal sex if necessary. These escort girls are specialized in anal penetration, they always offer this service, and we recommend them to people who are looking to this kind of service in Amsterdam.

To ensure we offer an A-level high quality of service, we carefully select all the best girls available to have awesome anal sex and you can remain with a great experience. Contact us and we can offer any pieces of information about our girls who perform this kind of service.

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