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Casting for Escort Services Amsterdam

We are searching for beautiful, elegant and well-mannered ladies, ho enjoy this type of lifestyle and are willing to put their time and effort to make something out of it.

All of our girls are simply looking for a better life in a quick and easy way. We don’t promise that you will get rich and famous quick, that depends on you and the choices that you will make. 

Thinking about being an escort?

Choosing the right escort agency for your career is quite important.  Our agency collaborates only with the most attractive and hot models. Ladies who work with us can always expect a discreet, confident, and safe working environment. Being an Amsterdam escort companion isn’t easy work.  If you are an open-minded, intelligent and beautiful young lady sounds like a career you would be interested in, then please contact us via Whatsapp or Message.


Did you ever dream of being paid to do what you love the most? Live a privileged life and make money with passion? Want to be your own boss?
Making lots of money is everyone’s dream and even doing something you love like your passion for sex is a privilege not everyone is having.

Here at Perfect escort Amsterdam, we are looking for new hot girls to join our team, so that we always have new and exciting offers for all our client’s preferences.

So what are the requirements? 

Many girls want to become an escort in Amsterdam, but here at Perfect escort Amsterdam, we have a very high standard so our costumers have the best experience with our girls.

  • Girls must be natural and beautiful, we don’t need girls who had many cosmetic surgeries and look unnatural.
  • Our girls need to have a great talent for sex and be willing to have sex with a different type of men that they may find unattractive.
  • You will have to be available to pose nude photos or videos and be willing to travel with the client and make different sexual activities.
  • Every model needs to carry a medical certificate of good health with a recent blood test. The health of our costumers is very important so we need healthy girls for that.

So don’t hesitate to contact us, if you think you can impress our staff, you will be contacted for an interview.

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